V3 Features List

  • Quick login box now displayed on the home page for guests

  • Improved headers/footers functionality

  • Ability to change all images on the board to custom images

  • Set speed of news fader

  • Modify avatar list

  • Set custom status for users on the "edit profile" page

  • Ability to choose not to mass delete from certain forums

  • The main "admin" user will have the ability to choose exactly what powers other admins, gmods, and mods have.

  • Calendar for posting events!

  • More advanced member search (search by IP, registration date)

  • Ability to lock posts when you reply

  • You will be able to set the default font for the board.

  • Password protected boards now have the password expire so that you have to enter it again if you close your browser

  • New payment system so that more people are able to donate smaller amounts

  • changed the "/me" functionality to italicize instead of turning the font red.

  • Improved the "print" page to be cleaner looking for printing.

  • [code] now properly works (all UBBC tags used inside [code] and [/code] will be printed out to
    the screen for viewing)

  • Fixed smilies so that they properly work for Opera and other browsers.

  • The search function is about 2-3x faster than it previously was.

  • You can now post up to 10kb per message (2x more than before!)

  • Moderators are now displayed on every page of the boards (instead of just the board index)

  • IPs are now displayed in instant messages for Admins

  • When you click "modify" or "quote," censored words are kept censored (so people can not find out what
    they were by clicking these buttons)

  • "Last updated topic" now says who the last poster was as well.

  • On the "Send IM" page, if you click on the subject when it says "(No Subject)" then the subject will instantly clear.
    If you click off when the subject is blank it changes back to "(No Subject)".

  • The smiley can be written as and the smiley can be written now.

  • Fixed bug where the "reply to topic" page sometimes showed the first 15 posts instead of the 15 posts from
    the page you were just on.

  • View Staff Members page added - displays admins, global mods, mods

  • On the "Members" page, to switch pages you now use a drop down menu

  • News fader now works for boards that utilize transparent backgrounds

  • The "forum jump" is now on every single page at the bottom, and is now properly aligned with the forum
    on pages where it was off farther to the right than it should have been.

  • Adjusted icons in the instant messages area so that they all line up vertically and have the same spacing
    between them (so it looks cleaner).

  • The option to receive emails when someone sends you an instant message now works properly.

  • "Always stay logged in" is no longer checked by default for increased security.

  • When you most a post, the message that directs you to the board with the new post now directs you straight
    to the post instead of just to the board.

  • You can now choose "Only allow admins and mods" to view a board.

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