Safety Guidelines

Crackers get hold of your passwords by gaining access to email via the security question,
or by guessing the password of an admin or gmod, or running a scanner to do the same.
Follow these guidelines :-
1. Ensure your email password security question is not obvious (don't have 'my favourite football team' then go talking about them non stop)
2. Make ANY passwords difficult to guess (use upper and lower case letters, mixed with numbers).
3. Use different passwords for each account (one for global login, another for your bank, etc).
4. You could use a different password for each forum account (if you are a member of several forums).
5. Don't let ANYONE know your passwords (if you make a note of them, keep them safe).
6. If you share a computer/ computer account, don't 'let the computer remember password'.
7. Don't open links in PM's, unless you know EXACTLY what it is.
8. Keep your security software up to date.
9.Tell your staff to follow these guidelines.

You may copy the above guidelines for use on ANY Proboard site, in PM's or posts.

Extra rule for Main Admin :- Be careful who you promote to GMod, or 2nd Admin, and restrict powers.
(do not give powers that affect the board settings)

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